Who is Joel Spangler?

Hi, pleased to meet you. Since you're here, feel free to read a bit about me. Or don't. It's your call. 

By day, I'm a Network and Systems Administrator, or Engineer, or whatever job title the company I'm working for decides to use. I've been doing it for 15 years now, and I still enjoy it. I have developed a diverse skill set over the years, which you can check out at at the Resume link up top. 

I am an accomplished jazz saxophonist, and I can also play Bass fairly well. I can also play Guitar, kind of. I attended Berklee College of Music from 1999-2002, and studied Music Production and Engineering while there. 

One of my favorite hobbies is Photography. I am a huge fan of photojournalism as well. I'd say that if I could choose a second job, I'd pick that. It would be pretty awesome to be able to travel and photograph various events, good or bad, and also get paid for it. 

The main theme here is that I'm a gear head. I tend to be drawn to any hobby or profession that requires some amount of gear. I am generally more drawn to the computerized or electronic types of gear. Don't ask me to work on a car, unless you don't need it to work.

I live all things Comedy, I listen to Modern and Vintage Jazz, Punk Rock and related genres, and a some random stuff in between. I generally like what I like, and do not like what I do not like. I like most any food, for example, but consider Mushrooms and Olive to be inedible. And Oysters. Gross. 

Feel free to reach me on any of the Social Medial platforms in the top right of this page, or email me at joelsp@gmail.com