Who is Joel Spangler?

Hi, welcome to my site.

I'm an IT guy by day - Most of my current work involves  Powershell automation, Web applications (Apache, IIS, TomCat), Virtualization (VMWare, HyperV), and Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Network, Firewall). Over my career I have developed quite a diverse set of skills, and as a result, have been known for my adaptability. 

My musical pursuits focus on playing Jazz. I'm a tenor sax player, and currently studying with Bob Reynolds through his online instructional program. I studied jazz performance, as well as Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music from 1999-2002.

I also enjoy photography, and on occasion will post photos I have taken on the site. 

I have two blogs here, one is generic and may cover anything from a powershell script idea I'm working on to general thoughts on any subject. My other blog is focused more toward my musical studies, and is where I am tracking progress and discussing various ideas as I progress through my development.

My photography page needs to be updated, but it is where I post photos I have taken - so click around, leave a comment, enjoy.