Thanksgiving, and Holiday Time

Thanksgiving, a holiday of gluttony, sloth, and sin if you are religious. A holiday of patriotism if you are religious and republican. A holiday where Chinese Buffets are still open if you just don't care.

I like Thanksgiving because I get two days off of work for it. That's good enough for me. The added bonus of eating a ton of food, and even pie is just a bonus. A delicious, nap inducing bonus. 

Thanksgiving is the first of a few tightly grouped holidays I call "The Holidays of Excuses". 

On Thanksgiving, you are excused for eating a weeks worth of food in a few hours. Then comes Black Friday, only a day later, an excuse to spend money on things you don't need, because they're slightly cheaper. 

Christmas is basically a month long excuse to pretend the previous 11 months never happened. People are suddenly friendly and generous. Tis' the season right?

New Years. No explanation needed really. Another excuse to get black out drunk, but with the bonus of being able to yell "happy new years!" and make out (if you're lucky) with a stranger, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. 

That picture off to the right I took around Halloween time when I spent a lot of money for me and my wife to pick pumpkins and navigate a corn maze in the dark. It was called "Maize Quest" and it was about as high quality as the name implies. 

So that's my all inclusive holidays post, feels good to get that one out of the way,

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