Recap: Turkey Day Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend. A lovely 4 day solace from that thing called work. Notable happenings from the weekend?

  1. I did not eat so much that I thought I would die. 
  2. I did eat more dessert than I should have.
  3. Patriots humiliate Rex Ryan, nice.
  4. My wife talked me into buying a PS3 .
  5. Went Black Friday shopping, wasn't terrible.
  6. Tried new kitty litter, mistake.
  7. Our cat is an idiot.

I decided we should try out these Crystals, a type of cat litter which has been recommended highly. I guess the crystals absorb cat pee, making cleanup easier, less clumpy, etc. I forgot however that our cat hates change more than Ann Coulter. Since changing the litter, he has peed on our kitchen counter, and pooped on the kitchen floor. Not sure if there have been any other acts of defiance, but it is possible. So I guess it's back to the old tried and true. 

The PS3. I enjoy it. And it means two things:

  1. I can now play Madden against my good friend Pat Oz while he is in his distant and remote homeland of Altoona, PA. 
  2. I can get Hot Shots Golf. My all time favorite game ever.

On the PS2, back in the day, I had reached God level on Hot Shots 3. A pretty ridiculous achievement. I was almost too good at that game. So hopefully I can get back in the "swing" of things soon. 

Happy Monday.