Drive to Hanover, Mit Beer.

We drove to Hanover on Saturday. My wife wanted to go to Hobby Lobby, and hang out with her friend. I tagged along while she yelled at MapQuest.

Along the way we made a stop at a park. The name of the Park has escaped me, but it was just a small park, with fields all around it. It was fun to be out taking pictures again, including some senior portrait-esque photographs involving hay bails.

Other stops included the Snyder's and Utz factory stores, a mom and pop Deli where I got some amazing Broccoli Salad, and then the Hofbrauhaus, a German restaurant in Abbotstown, PA.

I never ate German food before I met my wife, but so far, I haven't had any that I didn't like. I had some sausages, with spaetzel and german potato salad. I had one Bratwurst, a Knockwurst  and a Baurenwurst. They were all good, and the potato salad was amazing. It was made differently than I normally see it, and it had bacon in it. Delicious. What would a good german meal be without beer? I had a Spaten, and a Warsteiner Dark. Both were delicious, and I have some Spaten sitting in the fridge at home right now. Good times.

I put a few pics that I took on Saturday below, full gallery over the Flickr.