Gettysburg Part 1.

When I was but a child, we would go on vacation every summer to Oak Island in North Carolina. I can already tell what you're thinking, Gettysburg has nothing to do with North Carolina. You are correct, it doesn't.

Anyways, on the way home, some years we would stop at Gettysburg National Park. We would go through the museum, drive around parts of the battlefield, the whole thing. I used to love going there. Well, it turns out, I still love going there. 

Last weekend, we went out on Saturday and Sunday to drive around, see the sights, and most importantly take pictures. I had a fun time shooting in different lighting conditions, at different angles, different subject matter, there is just so much there. So here are some pictures from our expedition, and there will be more from our second day forthcoming once I have them off my camera.  Rest of album is on the Flickr.