Gettysburg, Part Deux

Took longer than I thought, but I finally got through my pictures of Gettysburg from the second day we went there a number of weeks ago. 

On the second day we went through Little and Big Round Top, through the Wheat Field, and the Orchard, Devil's Den, and ended up at the Copse of Trees, or the collision point of Pickett's Charge. It was a nice day, and we even ran into an enthusiast who told us at length about every place he's ever taken pictures. He could talk.

The most fascinating part for me, was standing at the top of Little Round Top, and wondering why the confederate army would try to charge up a rock covered hill to flank the union army, it's a steep hill, and just running up the thing once would be enough to exhaust you. Then to be getting shot at the whole time, I can't imagine why they thought that was a good idea. 

I uploaded the whole lot of pictures from day two into my Gettysburg album on Flickr.