I really need to start updating this more.

When I started my blog back up, I was sure I would be able to find the motivation to update it pretty regularly. I used to update my blog all the time years ago. At one point, I even had people who read it regularly and would comment on things. It resembled a half-way real blog. It was fun. Someday soon I think I'll have the energy to get back to that again. Maybe this will be the post that starts it. Maybe.

Recently started listening to the 5by5 network of podcasts. Two in particular. 

Back To Work is a productivity podcast of sorts, but also addresses career decisions, motivation, and life in general as it applies to work. It is hosted by Merlin Mann, whom I love, and Dan Benjamin, whom I have become a big fan of as well. I have learned a lot from this show, but it is also entertaining. For instance, one episode featured a 30 minute breakdown of the proper way to cook a steak, and then segued to how this applies to your job. My favorite topics often revolve around evaluating your situation realistically, and deciding when it's time to cut out and move on. Which brings us to...

Quit! Is a podcast that focuses on, as the name implies, quitting your job. It's a pretty great show. It has a guest every week and they discuss the ins and outs of making a career change, and tips and tricks to make that career change a good one. Sometimes its not a career change, but a job change. Either way, it's inspiring, and well thought out, and I believe it applies to a lot of people. Myself included. 

Ok. Moving on. In the last few weeks I've been out to take some pictures at various places, including the Codorus Creek Furnace, a Dog Park, and Port Deposit Maryland.

We initially wanted to go to Port Deposit to find an abandoned school that is located there. Upon arriving and looking at maps, finding the school proved to be elusive, however, just visiting this place was worth it. It's a small little town, with narrow roads, and a lot of historical buildings. There is a fantastic German restaurant there called "Prost", and the Jager-Schnitzel was amazing.  Also of note is the nearby Conowingo Hydro Electric Dam, which at first looked like a restricted military area, but it turns out you can drive right over it. Very interesting. Here's a sample of these pictures, and links to galleries from each place on Flickr:

Thanks for reading!

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