Brother-In-Law and Baseball

We went to see my little bro-in-law play baseball this weekend. What a great chance to try out my new lens on the thing everyone uses it for! Sports! After spending an afternoon shooting little league, I can see why. Autofocus was instant, the aperture allows for super fast shutter speeds, it's everything a sports photographer could want!

Ajay's team lost, but they played well. It was a high scoring affair, and it came down to the last inning, so it was a good game to watch regardless. I still wish I was allowed to play baseball when I was a kid, but that's a story for another day. 

It looks like I might be shooting for our friend's basketball team in the near future as well, which means I can try this thing out in a poorly lit gym. I'm up for the challenge. Til next time, here are some of baseball pics:

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