Potter County

Day 1.

So we went up to Potter County, PA to go camping this weekend. It was a long drive up mountains, and a lot of rain at first. In attendance were Me, My wife, her friend Shawna, her Brother-in-law Matt, and four children, 3 belonging to Shawna, the other to Matt.

Matt beat us to the cabin, and when we arrived was working on getting the water working. Meanwhile, we worked on getting unpacked, and settled in. The water was sorted out pretty quickly, and we were under way. Camping is fun, but camping with Electric and running water at a cabin is far better.

It was late the first night, but we stayed up for a while enjoying some adult beverages and talking about growing up listening to Punk Rock bands, and playing in bands (It turned out Matt is a drummer, a good one too.) So we discussed recording, and what tunes he was listening to. I can't remember what bands he was playing, but I liked them, and I'll need to get a list the next time I talk to him.

Day 2.

After the usual morning activities, we decided we would go check out Austin Dam. It is a dam that was built for a paper mill up in the mountains, and due to some errors in construction, failed, breaking into 5 pieces and flooding an entire town (Austin). The ruins of the Dam, and the Paper Mill are both viewable, the Dam having its own little memorial park. After watching the kids climb up and down the broken dam walls for a while, we headed out.

We wanted to go fishing, and as it turned out, there was a campsite with a pond specifically for fishing. What are the odds. We ended up catching a few decent sized catfish and some pretty nice sized Largemouth Bass. We also got to see a duck fight. Literally. 2 ducks came flying into the pond and had a Springer style throwdown, quacking and all. There was even a 3rd duck behind them spurring them on. It was pretty awesome.

After we got back to the cabin, I channeled my inner boyscout and made a fire while the kids played Shawna's invented game of "BB Gun Water Balloon Clay Shooting". As I predicted, no one hit any water balloons with their BB Guns, but it was fun to watch. We spent the rest of the evening sitting by the fire and relaxing, and wondering if that noise was a bear. No bears were present.

Day 3.

We stopped at an Elk preserve, and checked out the museum, and learning center. No Elk were visible, but it was also freezing cold, hailing, and it even snowed while we were driving home. It's May. We also bought Elk Jerky. It seems odd that they sold Elk Jerky on protected Elk lands, but you know what? It was delicious.

I took Pictures! Some below, all on Flickr!