Picture of the Day

I keep wanting to start a 365 project again, where I try to post a new picture every day. I think one of these days I might convince myself to try it again. I think I made it to day 27 last time, and I don't even remember why I ended up stopping. We'll see I guess, maybe I can shoot for a June start.

If there's one thing I always find funny, it's Jesus humor. It probably has something to do with my upbringing, but anytime I see a comic, or something that puts Jesus in a different light, it makes me laugh. Also because my dad has a running Bad Joke section that he used to, and maybe still does, add to his weekly sermons, I often find these types of things double funny.


To wrap up, I took this picture of a bee in New York the other weekend, and I dig it, so I'm posting it on here. Happy Friday everyone!