Memorial Day weekend provided one of the most random and interesting photo-ops I've had in a while.

We started up a fire in our friend Shawna's backyard, and we were cooking hot dogs, hanging out, relaxing, etc. I had noticed a dead christmas tree sitting by her front porch, and was telling my wife how crazy it is to burn a dead pine tree on a fire.

Next thing you know the tree made its way down to the fire, and I was throwing it on. If you've seen this before, you know how entertaining it can be. The needles sound like quiet firecrackers as they quickly burn and fly away, the dead branches create a thick, and very hot flame that goes up about 10 feet in the air or more. It only lasts for a minute or two at the most, but it is awesome.

After the rush subsided, and we were left looking at a normal fire again, our friend Chris said, "Now all we need is a couch". And that's when Shawna said, "I have couches."

Shawna has a barn on her property full of old stuff, like furniture and other random things. It was like I was on American Pickers, and I was looking for "Rusty Gold".

So to make a long story short, out came a Chair, then a couch, then a coffee table. We threw them on the fire, and the resulting carnage made for some surreal scenes. I took pictures throughout, and got some pretty cool shots.

Some of my faves below, rest on Flickr.