Had a learning experience shooting our friends Abbie and Kedji's son's basketball team. I have heard people talk about the issues shooting in poorly lit gyms before, and I was hoping maybe this one wouldn't be that bad. It was pretty bad. I was forced to shoot at ISO 2500 or 3200 to get shutter speeds fast enough for action shots, and that was at f/2.8. Terrible conditions. Add to that the fact that my camera isn't exactly a high ISO monster, which introduced some noise issues. I was able to compensate to a degree in Lightroom, but they still have a very grainy film like quality to them, which I guess could be good or bad depending on who you talk to.

Anyways, I took almost 300 shots, and was able to use maybe a third of them. I definitely need to keep doing this though. Mainly because I had no idea how hard it was, and because I think it will definitely help me identify good shots faster.

Some of the ones I thought were least bad below, ;)


The Pass

Taking it to the hoop!


In the Scrum