Day 11 - Streetlight

Went and saw Streetlight Manifesto on their "End of the Beginning" tour tonight. It was such a great show.  

As usual they put on a relentless show, never stopped, and played about every song I could have hoped they would play. I was truly back in 17 year old go crazy mode, and it was one of the best nights I've had in years. 

In addition, my best friend Pat Oz came along, which only added to the fun, and my wife and our friend Justine came along too. 

Justine and I went into the pit for the beginning of the show, and while I wish I could have hung in for the whole show, it was simply too hot, and near impossible to breathe. It was super fun though, and thrashing through about 20 rows of people in about 10 seconds never gets old. 

So, my pic for today is from the show, a night truly well spent,

Hell Yes.