Battleship North Carolina

Went to visit the Battleship North Carolina in vacation last week. It wasn't a whole lot different then it was when we visited it last. Which was quite a long time ago. Still so cool to see how they made these things. I can't imagine what went into engineering those things. The guns themselves are insanely complex, going all the way from the top of the boat to the bottom in huge turrets. Just to fire the main guns during combat probably took upwards of 100 men. 

Also fascinating is seeing the way they lived on these ships. Strangely there are most all of the comforts of home, from a barber shop, a soda fountain, a cobbler, full laundry, a chapel, even a movie projection room. 

One big difference was the sleeping quarters. The lower ranking soldiers clearly had it the worst. There were beds hanging on top of beds everywhere. In the cafeteria, the engine rooms, on top of storage shelves, inside gun turrets, everywhere. But, if you were an officer or higher, you got an office, a semi real bed, a desk, the works. The captain on the ship had at least three different offices, all huge compared to every other space on the ship. Same goes for the Admiral's quarters. 

Part of me wishes I was in the Navy back then. But then again, not really.

I took lots of pictures, and put them on Flickr, and here are some more here: 

Above Deck.

Old school.

My sister pondering the mess hall.

Each link of these anchor chains were bigger than me.

Cobbler shop.