Day 26 - The Carnivale

I often find myself pronouncing the word carnival as Carnayvall!!!  It feels so european. 

Anyways, we went to the Carnival last night. I haven't been to a carnival in a long time, but I used to go to one a couple times a year when I was kid. One was the Lock Haven boat regatta, and the other I can't remember what it was called. 

They had all the same games I remember from when I was a kid, including the classic ping pong ball gold fish, skee-ball, pick a duck, impossible basketball shot, shoot out the star with a BB gun, the Splash Zone!, and more.

There was fair food galore, including the omnipresent funnel cake, which was delicious. 

There were rides, many of them the same ones I remember from long ago, and there was even a Ferris Wheel. I didn't really ride any, they just didn't look as fun, or stomach friendly as they used to. So needless to say, today's picture is from the carnival.