Day 48 - Driving

We drove all around Lancaster and the surrounding area today, looking for interesting sites. After some google searches, we found a few places to check out. 

We first went to Stehli Silk Mill, and walked around for a bit. This is an abandoned silk mill that is pretty well fenced in. There is one fence that would be easy enough to crawl under, but we avoided going too far in. It's an interesting building, and it's located behind a Lancaster Brewing Company supply warehouse. Might have to make a return trip at some point. 

We then drove on to a Train Car hotel. Pretty cool place. It's called the Red Caboose Motel, and all the rooms are in train cars! There is also a small zoo type thing, and some nice scenery. We took a bunch of pictures there too. 

We then proceded to drive around Lancaster farms looking for random photo ops. I took pictures of all kinds of stuff, and got some really good pictures. Some of the best I've taken in a long time.  

So, it was a fun day, and I will be creating blog posts covering all of these places in the next day or three. In the mean time... Here is the pic of the day. It was hard to pick just one. But this one stuck with me as I was editing.