Day 57 - You're getting slee-You're already sleeepy

I had a great time playing Yahtzee last night, but I ended up staying up later than I thought I would, and I paid for it today. I was groggy all day. Looking forward to getting some sleep tonight. They say early to bed early to rise, but I say early to bed, still late to rise. That's the way it should be.  

My neighbor Manny, is crazy at times. He might even say all the time. Not sure. He is fun to hang out with, and an all around great guy. He also has a dog named Manson, but his dog is the nicest pitbull you'll ever meet. He just looks up at you with his puppy dog eyes all the time.  

Don't know where this is going, but I'll go ahead and make the post current by mentioning Miley Cyrus and her raw chicken butt, and dude, Ben Affleck is the next Batman? What's next? I believe it will be Betty White playing Lindsay Lohan in her biopic. They're starting to look the same.