Day 81 - Bike Night

It's that time of year, when bikers from all around flock to downtown York to show off their bikes, watch classic rock bands, drink beer and eat deep fried foods. It was near impossible to find a parking spot, so my wide dropped me off and I took a quick walk through to check out the sites. 

I like motorcycles, but I tend to prefer sport bikes, like a nice Ducati. This was definitely more of the harley crowd. I've just never really been into Harley's. There were some pretty cool custom bikes here and there, with lights and such all over them.  

Shooting was a challenge. My camera is really starting to show its age. I can't really shoot above iso 1600 without having noise nightmares. To really pull off shooting a place this dark, I could have used a 6d at the least, or a 1d of some variety. Something that can handle iso 6400 handily. One of these days.