Day 85 - Hump-D... No, no, that's tomorrow.

Fantasy football was once pretty fun. The last couple years it seems more like an exercise in entropy. There was a time when you could draft players, and be pretty sure they would play in the game, and at least have a chance to put up some points.  

So far this year, I have been carried by Peyton Manning, and no one else. Sure, I have Calvin Johnson, Chris Johnson, Julian Edelman, Julius Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, these are all starters. This last weekend, none of them scored more than 10 points, many of them scoring less than 5. I had 37 points going into last nights game, when I really should have had closer to 60 or even 70.

NFL offenses seem to be based on the unknown more than ever. It seems like there is always some player who has had 18 catches in his 8 year career that blows up one week for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. They will never do it again, or even play again most likely, but the goal now is to guess who that player is going to be. It's all gambling now. And the house is going to win.

On to today's 3 mile picture. 

3 mile island there in the background.