The Renaissance Fair

A couple of weekends ago or so, we went to a vape meetup in Lancaster. We were having fun, meeting people and ended up befriending a couple from Hazleton, Jordan and Christina. We had all kinds of fun talking about all kinds of things, and it came up that they were also in town for the Renaissance fair. We should go they said, it'll be fun they said. 

It was fun. I had never been there, which is surprising considering I spent my youth in the state of PA. Takeaways in bullet point form:

  • Beer was fantastic.
  • Food was even better.
  • I bought a sword. And a flail. When in Rome...
  • There was a zombie themed joust. It was actually pretty great.
  • We saw an old time XXX rated comedy routine. It was pretty funny, and not as raunchy as it sounds, yet still pretty raunchy.
  • I'd recommend it to anyone. Don't miss the pirate ship sword auction.

Ok, so I took some pictures, shocking I know. Here are some: