Wow, this thing has been neglected. Better post a giant rambling catchup post.

I have a blog, I used to update it pretty regularly. I don't know what happened.

Lets see. What's been happening. Prepare for some non sequitur action. 

First, we're moving. We managed to find a great townhouse in Enola, PA and move in day is fast approaching. It's easily the biggest place I've ever lived in since I've been "out on my own" as they say. We've been moving things over the last month, and by the time move in day comes, we'll probably be down to just furniture. Since I've been working in Hershey, and most of the IT jobs around here are in or around Harrisburg, it makes sense. 

Had the chance to see the greatest band of all time... My opinion.... Less Than Jake yet again. Had the added bonus of my best friend Pat Oz coming up to see it with us. Turned out other good friends Nick Joyce and Brandon Linton from the 'Toona days were out as well. Along with their friend Mike, who shared the common interest of craft beer with me. Was a great night. They were on a weekend long bachelor party for Brandon. 

Funny, because after that show, we went to the Federal Taphouse (Lancaster edition) and holy crap. over 100 beers on tap, over 90 being craft beers. I tried a beer from Dogfish Head there called Aprihop. Mind blown. Probably just one of the most delicious IPA's I've ever tried (I recently tried Coronado Idiot IPA however, and there might be a tie.) 

So while we were there, Mike showed me untappd. It's an app where you can check in your beers that you drink. Like beer social networking. Ok, well that's exactly what it is. I love it. Even got my neighbor Manny into it. And he usually hates that stuff. 

So Manny, Lonnie, and Nick, all new friends we have made by having them as neighbors won't be our neighbors anymore after we move. And that's probably one of the biggest downfalls to the move. They won't be far away though, so I'm pretty sure we'll keep hanging out when we can.  Red Lion has been surprisingly nice, save for their awful snow removal and parking rules. At this point I'd rather not have a car than deal with street parking. Big eff you to Red Lion on that.

I have lost a habit, and gained a hobby. I used to be a smoker. I'm not anymore. "Analog free" for nearly 30 days now. The hobby is vaping. It's a great way to quit. I feel a lot better in general now, and while you'll read a lot of different opinions on this subject, the fact is its still a rather new technology. I have done some reading, and feel rather comfortable saying that it is orders of magnitude healthier than smoking or tobacco use is in general. In fact, from what I've gathered so far, there are hardly any negatives. Except for the fact it can be a very gear driven hobby. And if you're like me, that means the constant desire to get more stuff. Haven't gone crazy at this point. Don't plan to, but there are definitely some toys I plan to get ahold of sooner than later. 

One nice thing with our new bigger house is that we have a finished basement. Which is also becoming my office/mancave of sorts. It is big enough that I can have a workout area. P90x is coming back. I miss it, and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things in June. I am tossing around all kinds of different ideas. P90x3? T25? I like the beachbody workout series, it works for me, and I have weights, bands, and a yoga mat. Which is basically all you need. Easy and it works. I'll take it. If you're familiar, the coach thing is annoying as hell, and I'm pretty sure it's a pyramid scheme, but you know, if you ignore that, they make great workouts. 

I don't know what else to talk about now, so I guess I'll wrap it up for today. 

Oh, check out the YouTube Channel called AudioTreetv - it's pretty cool.