iPhones and the S Cycle

I started down the iPhone trail like so many others, with the iPhone 3gs. It was a great phone, it was fast for its time, it was white, it was a great thing. Life was good. 

Then about 12 months later the iPhone 4 comes out. It was a pretty big (huge) update. Great form factor, much faster, all kinds of extra features, I was sitting there looking at my 3gs, and it aged 3 years while I watched the keynote. I had to wait another (very long) year and (even longer) 3 months for Apple's next phone. 

I was hoping for a bigger screen, something substantial. Something cool. I watched the announcement of the 4s and was rather underwhelmed, mostly disappointed. It was such a small update. But my 3gs was fading fast, and I needed to update. The 4s was very fast, much faster than the 4. And I ended up (reluctantly) liking it all the same. 

But a year later and the 5 comes out. Bigger screen, lighter, faster. But nothing groundbreaking. I wasn't so worried about getting the 5. Meh I thought. It felt like the next iPhone would be the big one. The one I was waiting for. Perhaps the S cycle would be broken...

Nope. 5s. The very phone I have now. Don't get me wrong, it's great. It's fast as hell, great camera, the finger print reader? Amazing. So much great in this phone. But less than a year later and I'm staring at the phone I wanted 3 years ago. In 2010-11 all I wanted was an iPhone with a 4.7 inch screen. Specific yes, but true. And now I'm sitting here half way through a contract with my iPhone 5s, what is essentially a 3 year old design with 3 years of light enhancements and tweaks, knowing that the phone I wanted all along is out there, and I can get it, for a large sum of hard earned american one dollars. 

Damn you Apple and your S cycle. It's vicious. 

Ok. More pictures: