The Deflategate Post

I have a lot of Pats Haters on my Facebook profile, and they'll love this. Here is why Deflategate remains the dumbest thing Goodell has allowed to happen to date....

Everyone is still talking about it. 
I still maintain that it is ridiculous, and overblown. 
Deflategate. Sigh. 

A lot of people say I am dismissive of it because I am a Patriots fan. This is not the case. Personally this would have been a non-issue for me regardless of the team.

People gonna hate. That's the society we live in.

Players, Fans, Coaches, etc. If they aren't winning, whoever wins clearly cheated. Anything that clears them of being accountable for losing. Egos are so large in sports that the losing party simply couldn't have been defeated fairly. It's impossible! But I digress. 

If the Brady suspension goes to court, and it looks like it will if any sort of punishment remains, the court case in all essence should be very fast, and sound a lot like this:

Judge: NFL, on what grounds do you defend this punishment?

NFL: Because we're trying to change the perception that we always over punish and then back down.

Judge: And you have evidence?

NFL: Well, we are basing it all on the "recollection" of a ref, and two air gauges whose readings differ by over 2 PSI. Essentially a scientific conclusion based on made up numbers and inaccurate, uncalibrated equipment. I repeat, none of our findings are based on recorded, or accurate numbers.

Judge: Case dismissed.

This whole thing can, and has, been proven scientifically explainable based on the loose numbers available (and some assumptions). And that is the problem. There are no actual valid numbers to work with.

Can you imagine backing the NFL on the evidence it has, for any player in the NFL? Be honest, can you? If this was Big Ben, and you are a Steelers fan, I have money that says your tune changes real quick.

The Wells Report is the biggest waste of 5 million dollars in recent history. It is based completely on out of context text messages, a clear bias towards the NFL, and a science report that would've yielded an F in any academic institution. 

People are going to go on about how Brady didn't supply his text messages and emails and whatever. Guess what, you can throw that out the window too, because if there had been a smoking gun there, the appeal would've been over the same day it happened. Here we are 5 weeks later.

I genuinely believe that the longer it takes for Goodell to come up with something, the more he proves he never had any ground to stand on in the first place. The longer we wait, the more innocent Brady, and the Patriots are. 

Getting back to the main point here. This could've happened to any team. Genuinely. It probably has happened countless times in cold weather games, unnoticed by everyone for a long time. All it took was one embarrassed team in a big game to use it as an excuse. A poor excuse. 

Did the Patriots really do anything? No. Be honest with yourself. This is the NFL needing to punish someone for their own shortcomings, because as we all know, this is sports, and it couldn't be their fault.

On to 2015.