A bit of structure

Some quick notes:


Music - 
I have recently been studying the saxophone online with Bob Reynolds, whom, as it turns out, went to Berklee right around the same time I did. I think I actually went to his senior recital over at 1140 in Recital room 1A. Small world. 

Anyways, his lessons and approaches are pretty amazing. They have been forcing me to adapt a new mental approach to music. One of fundamentals, measured goals, and slow and steady practice. It's working. I've made huge progress already, and in a sense have tools I can access that would've been a stumbling block previously. It's quite enjoyable, and while not everything always goes perfect, there is a process in place to follow, and as long as you follow it, it tends to work out. It's like accelerated patience or something.... I swear I'm not high. 

Books - 
I started reading books again. Among them are some actual Scientology texts that we found at a local used bookstore (still shrinkwrapped!) - Those are something, really bizarre stuff. I'll have to go into how crazy the Scientology stuff is some other day (I call it real life Sci-Fi, happening right now). I am also beginning Neuromancer (William Gibson) , and Anathema (Neal Stephenson). I also have some other ones in the queue. Turns out Hard Science Fiction is my preferred reading style. 

Anyways, all this to say, adding some study and reading to my routine seems to have helped provide my life a tad bit of structure, and seems to be helping me. Go figure. Remember kids, Don't be a fool, stay in school! (GI JOEEEEEE). 

Later on.