Under Construction

Until I find some sort of happy place, I tend to redesign my webpage fairly frequently. I don't know if I've ever hit a particular sweet spot, but once I do, I usually hang out there for a while. For now, I'm in limbo, and it seems that I'm still working on getting to where I want to be. This of course is terribly boring for anyone else, but I find it enjoyable. 

We have started going to the gym again. Of course I did weights the first day back, and have lost the use of my arms for a few days. This always happens, and then about a week or two in, everything is fine again. It's a strange way to motivate you to either never stop going again, or, to never go back again. Either way, I will work through it, and once I hit my stride again, I'll forget this ever happened.

I am trying to get to the "shed" every chance I get. (practicing my sax. musician term.) Currently running exercises in the theory that setting limits while improvising actually forces creativity, making one essentially obligated to come up with new ideas, while using a limited palate.

I have begun to look into learning Red Hat. Linux is a skill I wouldn't say I have a strong grasp on. I'm hoping to correct that in the coming months, and would like to work my way up to possibly becoming Red Hat certified. As a career Windows guy, I notice more and more to like over in the land of the Penguin, and I have decided it's about to time to really learn it.

Nothing more to report for now, so I'll leave you with a picture of my second favorite Dog on the planet right now. (After my own of course.) Norbert - is the best: