Hello 2017

As is always the case, I mean to update my blog more regularly, with the best intentions, and then life steps in, and I end up not having time (or, forgetting as some call it.)

I have, for years tried to come up with some kind of method by which to organize myself. I often tell myself I need to set a schedule to do things. I have seen this approach be effective for many. I believe Merlin Mann, the great guru of productivity himself got himself together using this concept along with some index cards. 

Things I need to schedule, are things I need, or want to, work on. 

1. I need to force myself to practice my sax at a set time at least 3 or more times a week for an hour. I have made it up the same hill a couple times since I made the switch to Tenor, and instead of repeating the same climb, it would be nice to build on that. It's such a simple goal, that it seems silly that I haven't been better at making myself do it. 

2. I want to spend some time reading. Again, I was doing this for a time, and it faded off. I have a little back collection of sci-fi that I'd love to get through. This could be accomplished again, by simply setting a schedule. I could simply say, I read from 8-9 on x days. Something like that. 

3. I want to spend more time working on adding to my professional skill set. As time goes by, I add a lot of different skills just by working. However, I often find areas where I have an opportunity to learn, and I need to do better at making myself do that.

4. On top of all that, it would be nice if I could make myself get to the gym a few times a week too. 

5. We are looking for a house. The hardest part of buying a house, I have decided, is looking for one. It seems so easy. "Oh, that one looks nice, I'll buy it!". Ha. No, because that house's taxes are high, or someone else has a better offer, or it's flat out way too expensive. It would be awesome to just build a house, but I don't have that kind of money. Those sweet 240 grand computer drawings always end up costing 450 grand when you add things you need like floors, and windows, and heat, and the upgraded porch and other such nonsense. 

So, in 2017, lets hope we find a house that we can actually buy. Lets hope I do better with time management. Lets hope its a good year. Lets hope I can find more input for this blog. 

Talk to you again soon blog. I swear. This time I will.