Happy Halloween

I have always mostly done basic natural light photography, never really busted out the flash. In my younger years, it seemed almost as if using a flash was somehow cheating. You’d see trendy blogs where everyone was shooting HDR, and seeking cameras with higher and higher ISO settings. Photo blogs would publish headlines like “If you want to learn to be a great Photographer, learn to use available light!” It never ended.

Then, I found a blog called “The Strobist”. There is a series of now legendary blog posts outlining using a basic flash setup to get very professional results. I would recommend the Lighting 101 series as a good starting point. There he outlines a very inexpensive flash setup to get started. So I got a little setup. A flash stand, wireless triggers, and an umbrella.

I have used this setup a few times now to take pictures of my daughter. The more time I spend with setting it up, the better it’s working out. Over the last weekend, we did some photos of our daughter, and our friend’s son. They came out really nice, and I’m certainly glad I invested in the flash setup.