It’s Friday! And WWDC is Coming!

Today is the day I foretold of two days ago. I will begin writing and posting things daily from here on out. So let’s begin…

Today is a Friday, but it’s not just any Friday. We are having a potluck lunch at work. So it’s not a super amazing Friday, maybe just an elevated Friday. Something you might hear on a channel that would be the Food Network but for work. The Work Channel.

Today on the Work Channel, we find out 5 ways to write passive aggressive notes in the break room that get results!

Moving on. June 3rd. WWDC is coming, and with it, a keynote about Apple products. The Apple keynotes are no longer the magical presentation they once were in the Jobs era. They are far less impressive, and far more business focused. Which makes sense because that’s Tim Cook, but I digress.

Some things that seem to be happening for sure…

  • iTunes is dead. Yep, it seems all but official that a dedicated Music, TV, and Podcast App will replace iTunes. Not a stretch given the new Marzipan framework (iOS on OS X).

  • A new version of Mac OS and iOS will be revealed, complete with fancy new features.

Now for the one thing that I think everyone desperately wants to happen, but I’m not so sure…..

The Mac Pro. Not a single leak about this thing. The only kind of leak has been about a 6K display said to pair with the Mac Pro. Given that this product might as well not exist by now, it hasn’t seen a single update since 2013, people should be losing their minds about the updated version. I kind of am, and I’m already pretty certain it’s going to be well out my price range.

Now Apple may surprise me, but I still have a feeling this is going to be a classic “Software Only” WWDC keynote. I hope they surprise me.

I would speculate more, but all of the Mac Pundits of Note have already recorded a year’s worth of podcasts discussing every possibility for this product announcement, and the resulting brain melting that will occur if Apple does not make the announcement.

I’d probably most recommend checking out any recent episode of ATP, aka the Accidental Tech Podcast.