Louis Cole is good. Learning Swift. What iOS App will I make

Louis Cole has posted a new video, this time it’s him playing a drum solo over a cool track. Louis Cole is an amazing drummer, on top of all the other things he is amazing at. So, everyone should check it out if they love good drummers.

I have started learning Swift, or Apple’s coding language, as well as XCode. I’ve been writing powershell scripts for some time, which has taught me quite a bit about fundamental coding skills. After watching the WWDC keynote, and all of the effort going into Swift, and Apple development, I’m taking the plunge. So far, I’m finding it to be remarkably intuitive, and I am building my way up by making Apps with slightly increasing features.

As I build my skillset with Swift, the big question remaining is, “What App do I make?”. I’m not sure I know the answer yet, but I have time to figure that out while I get comfortable with the language. It’ll probably be one of those things where now It’s on my mind, I’ll be more aware of things that I could make an app for. Kind of like when you start shopping for a new car, and suddenly you see that one model of car that you’re interested in everywhere you look.

This should be fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

Also, I need to create a software company. And it needs a name. I’m leaning towards DogCat Software, but only time will tell.