Learning to Code. This might actually be fun!

I have now entered day 3 learning to code in Swift. As expected, there are quite a few parallels to PowerShell when it comes to the fundamentals. Loops, Data Types, variables, constants, it all works in much the same way.

I have been slugging through an iOS bootcamp, and have already made 4 apps, although very basic. In all of a few minutes, I was able to make a Magic 8-Ball App (which changes when you shake your phone!), and a very similar app that lets you roll two dice.

I also learned how to make a Lover Tester. It’s not as scientific as you might think…. And am now wading into the world of integrating API’s. It’s fast paced, but it’s working, I am starting to get into the brain of a developer. I’ve even started working through a series of math/programming challenges on a cool website I found in r/powershell over at https://projecteuler.net

I solved the first one in about 1 minute. Even I was shocked. And I did it without any googling! Seriously! Here’s all it took:

// Find the sum of all whole numbers that are divisible by 3 or 5, below 1000

var sum = 0

for number in 1..<1000 where number % 3 == 0 || number % 5 == 0 {
    sum += number


And it wrote back the correct answer of 233168

It’s very encouraging to make progress this quickly, and Swift is one of the easier languages I’ve attempted to learn. This one might stick.