Sometimes things get "off".

If you know what I mean… But seriously, sometimes things aren’t quite right, and it can be disruptive to your normal daily workflow. Our daughter has been “off” for the last two weeks. She is getting better, but it started with her having a fever, and then she looked tired all the time. Turns out, she had a double ear infection. So after some antibiotics, and some rest, she’s slowly getting better. Having trouble sleeping still, but she’s getting there. Human problems like these often just require time, and usually some medicine.

I work in IT, and I don’t know if things are ever “right” in IT. We all learn to work with a certain level of chaos in this world. But things can sometimes be “off” as well. One day an application might start to run slower for seemingly no reason, or maybe that script you’ve run thousands of times before decides it doesn’t like something. We always immediately dive in to find a problem, and a lot of times we find it. Sometimes we don’t, and sometimes the problem magically disappears and everything goes back to normal.

In any case, you get conditioned to always expect something to happen. At least I do. But I’m new to this occurrence happening outside of work, so the disruption has been more so than normal. As a result, I have neglected my mission to post here more. And I have been slacking on my iOS development work.

Well this post is taking care of number one. And I am in the process of learning more coding fundamentals today. I am doing a deep dive into the MVC framework. As I wade further into the world of development, learning these basic frameworks is helping to make sense of a lot of things I’ve run into in the past. The frequency of “Oh, that’s how you’re supposed to do that” moments has been rising. As Selsun Blue used to say, “That means it’s working”.