I know, I didn’t post yesterday. A recap: Went to lunch with Ed and Kimmi Putt. Went to dinner with Teri. Hung out with Emma and Kerry, normal weekend stuff.

Cool new things:

I recently came into a Raspberry Pi 3, and decided it would be fun to turn it into a classic gaming system. Amazing how easy it is now to fire up a system containing essentially every emulator, and be able to just drop thousands of games onto it in what amounts to like 15 minutes. We’ve been playing Super Mario World, and while it’s fun , it’s also amazing how much worse I am at these 2d scrollers than I was when I was a kid.


I have listened to the podcasts, read the rumors, and it seems more and more likely that there is still a 25% chance that we might see something pertaining to a Mac Pro announcement today. It also seems that the general consensus is that it will cost a laughably large amount of money. For the first time in a while I have heard long time Mac guys, you know the type - they buy every product immediately whether they need it or not - lamenting the price tag on this one. I know the $5000 iMac Pro had a few of them scratching their heads, but this time they really seem to be having some issues processing what they believe will be, most likely, at least a $5,000 tower minimum.

There was a time when Apple’s desktop computers were cutting edge machines. The Power Mac days were a prime example, those machines were ahead of their time. But fast forward 15 years, and things have changed. Everyone is on Intel hardware, everyone knows the prices. I can buy a server with redundant power supplies, 2 sockets with Xeons, 32 cores, 128 GB of RAM, and run 20 or more VMs on it. That would cost me in the $10,000 range most likely, depending on certain components.

Now that server has a lot of extra bells and whistles a high powered workstation does not. Factor in that the Mac Pro will almost certainly be a one socket board, will likely ship with more like 32 GB of RAM, won’t have the storage capacity of my server, all of this means that in reality, the new Mac Pro is going to be a $3500 machine with with an asking price twice as high. I’m guessing.

Look, I know it’s dumb to write complainy blog posts about the price of something I’ll never buy. Well, in truth, if the price was reasonable I definitely would, nevertheless… I just happen to be a lifer when it comes to Apple products. I want to see them succeed, and I want to see their desktop line continue to succeed. I guess I know what to expect after all these years, but after leaving their Pro desktop to collect dust for 6 years, I feel it’s a bit of slap in the face to come out with a catch up machine and over charge for it. A lot of Pro users have already moved on, Imagine how many more will follow suit when Apple says “Thanks for the loyalty, your new machine will cost $7000!”

I mean, the keynote is at one, so I’ll probably post a follow up anyways.