The Mac Pro - Post Mortem

So, the Mac Pro is back. I will admit that Apple kind of hit a home run on this one in theory. It’s a monster of a machine, and it can be customized to the Nth degree.

But let’s talk about that price tag. Base config as follows:

8 Core Xeon

32 GB of RAM

256 GB SSD

Radeon GTX 580


Huh. Can we rewind that for a second…. Did that just say 256 GB SSD? It sure did. Can I just say that for $5,000 the iMac Pro has 1 TB of SSD storage, and otherwise similar specs? And a 5k Display built in?

While Apple seemed to be intent on showing that they were taking professionals seriously, at the same time, they also showed they weren’t taking them seriously. This price is kind of a joke, and that SSD spec flat out is a joke. Let’s not forget that doesn’t even include anything in the other 6 PCIe slots.

I won’t even bother with the new Pro Display XDR. Sure, it’s an incredible display, but it might as well be a middle finger. If you paid $5,000 for a monitor, would you at least expect it to have a stand? I probably would. Well Apple assumes you don’t, and you’re willing to pay $1,000 dollars extra instead of leaning it against the wall. Idiots. The Pro Display is an insult.

There was so much good leading up to it though, iOS, iPadOS, some amazing additions there. It seemed like they really sucked the air out of the room when those prices dropped. And I’ve never heard a gasp so audible at one of these keynotes as when the announcement came that the stand for the Pro Display was an extra $999.

For my favorite reaction to this announcement, Joh Siracusa on ATP was pretty much dead on.