I swear this is the last time I write about the Mac Pro

At this point it probably seems like beating a dead horse, but this thing with the Pro Display Stand for $999 - well it’s not going away from the looks of things. And rightly so. Apple got it wrong this time, and there’s really no way around it. The Internet has been fruitful:

I read an article on Macworld’s site that made an excellent point (link) about the new Mac Pro. From the article:

“Instead, we have a monument to everything people think Apple is: overpriced luxury sold to people who don’t know better. And maybe they’re right. Apple is basically telling aspiring artists and developers that they can’t afford the best Macs and probably never will. That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

It’s true, Apple enabled the average person to become a “Pro” at an accessible price. You can learn to code on an iPad, you can make a hit single on Garage Band, or a pretty decent Movie with iMovie, even on the lowest end Mac. Once you get your toes wet, you get better, and you need more horsepower. Having that better machine available is a natural progression, and Apple has it, but the prices are climbing at a rate that is way out of proportion with the market. Apple has always been more expensive, but this is getting ridiculous.

I’ve been involved in Pro Audio in the past, and I do understand the need for a machine like the Mac Pro. The Avid machine they showed, with I forget how many channels of audio in Pro Tools, running DSP on every channel was insane. There are recording studios who will take advantage of this, and will be accepting of the price tag. I also fully understand that movie houses will jump on these machines in a heartbeat.

But they should have levels for these towers. They always did in the past. If you go back to the Power Mac G4 - a tower near and dear to my heart - They had a lower end model for $1500. This was in 1999, but inflation really doesn’t apply to tech. The PC Industry is the only evidence of that you need. There were then step up models at 2500 and 3500. The gain in performance and capacity was relatively in line with the price increase (still seemed a little pricey, but not totally out of control). This trend stayed pretty constant through every Pro Tower that Apple released - the G5, The Intel Mac Pro’s, even the Trash Can was fairly accessible at the base level.

But now, you can’t even sniff a Mac Tower as a home professional. It’s 6 Grand just to get the tower, with kind of poor specs for the price tag. I have to hope that they come to their senses and drop the price significantly for this machine before it’s release this Fall. I also know that they won’t. But remember the first iPhone? It was seemingly insanely expensive, and only a few short months later dropped in price by a 3rd. I’ll keep that in my back pocket, maybe they’ll come back to earth on this.