Podcasts and Merlin Mann.

It’s Friday! Which usually means I get to listen to one of my favorite podcasts, “Do By Friday”! I began listening to this podcast simply because Merlin Mann was one of the hosts. It also feature Max Temkin and Alex Cox, the former having founded the game Cards Against Humanity, the latter an employee of the same company.

This podcast is an absolute gem, and while the basis of the podcast is that they have to agree on something that all three of them will do that week, the topics span just about everything, and they are hilarious.

Merlin had an incredible rant about Twitter’s reaction to the Mac Pro this week that was amazing. Merlin has an uncanny ability to get to the core of most any controversy, and he does so in an amazingly efficient and comedic manner in all cases. One of many reasons that Merlin is a personal hero of mine. So here is that clip:

It goes on, I’d probably recommend subscribing to and listening to it anyways, this week’s episode was pretty amazing.

Merlin is one of the funniest people on the internet, and he’d probably hate to hear someone say that. I think he’s a genius, and because we are both former musicians who fell into the tech world, we have a lot in common. I would especially recommend his original podcast, You Look Nice Today. I will go back and listen through old episodes of that podcast on a fairly regular basis. And it’s been like 12 years since it was first recorded.