Banana Phone

Banana Phone

Merry late Christmas! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. I made it to my Parent's house, my Mother-In-Law's house (blech), and my Grandparents house. Food was good, gifts were entertaining, and everyone seemed to be doing well. 

Speaking of entertaining gifts, I think the best present I got was a Banana Phone. It is a handset for your cell phone that looks like a banana. It's literally a banana phone. I called my friend Pat right away and chatted with him, and was surprised at the sound quality. My dad gave it to me as part of his random christmas gifts.

Random Christmas Gifts has been a recent tradition at my parents house, where my dad pulls out boxes of stuff he has accumulated over the last year and he just hands them out. I am hoping this catches on. Among other random gifts was an electric letter opener/tape dispenser/pen holder which looked like it was from the '70s, a flexible camera tripod thingy, and some random underwear. Very random indeed.

It is also very worth mentioning that I got the 2x4 scented Yankee Candle I had so wanted. It smells wonderful even if my wife just gives it dirty looks every time she sees it.

In sports, we got to see the end of a Sanchize, the Patriots squeak by the Jaguars (really?) and a lot of teams in the NFL continue with very bad seasons. The NFL is kind of bizarre right now.

Also, a note for the guys out there. If your wife repeatedly says things like, "Get out of the house, go do something with your friends, you're around too much." Don't ever go out and do anything with your friends. Because that apparently means, "Don't ever go do anything unless I can come with you." It seems contradictory, and it is, so just ignore that fact and keep the translation handy.

Till next time.