OMG! 12-12-12

Or as the Europeans would say, 12-12-12.

To be honest, I never would have realized it was 12-12-12 if it wasn't for Facebook, Twitter, and the Radio mentioning it 118 times today. And yesterday. Apparently some kid is turning 12 at 12:12 today. That's something. For all of the 12-12-12 news you can stand, USA Today has it pretty well covered.

Catching up. Went to a show in Philly way back on November 29th. It was "I Fight Dragons" first headlining tour, and it was pretty swell. "I Fight Dragons" are a sort of newish band who play an enjoyable brand of pop-rock, infused with something called Chip Tunes. Chip tunes being synth music inspired by, and created using the sounds we all remember from old school video games. They take it up a notch, using actual video game controllers to play the synths. The main synth guy plays a Rock Band Guitar, a NES Advantage, a regular NES controller, a regular keyboard, and a Nintendo Power Pad, often at the same time.  There are additionally two more SNES controllers distributed to the guitar player and lead singer. This all sounds gimmicky, but it's genuinely cool, and they are all really good musicians to boot. Anyways, they were really good. 

Other acts were MC Lars, Skyfox, and a dreadful local band called Kill3r Whale. MC Lars is pretty rad, he's a rapper who writes stuff about literature, math, and geek culture. Skyfox was also really good. They were a pop-punk band from Denver, and they had good songs and a great performance. Check out all 3 of the bands if you are unfamiliar. Don't even bother with Kill3r Whale, junk.