Walking In A Sea of Chickens

As many people may already know, I work for a medium sized premium chicken company. I’ve been here for about a year and a half, and it’s nothing like any company I’ve worked for before. For comparison, I’ve worked in IT departments that are bigger than the entire office staff here. That being said, the company is very tech forward, so I haven’t been too bored yet.

Yesterday, I we were asked to take a tour of a few of the company chicken farms. It was kind of surreal. The houses that hold the chickens are absolutely gigantic, each one holding a maximum of 34,800 chickens. Our company is known for the ethical treatment of our animals, and I know why now. These chickens are always no less than 5 feet from food or water, and everything in the house designed for their health and comfort. It’s quite remarkable.

Anyways, one of the houses had about 33,000 chicken in it when we visited, and we got to walk through the chickens, literally. As you walked they would clear out the space in front of you, almost in a liquid like fashion. Very surreal, and surprisingly amazing to witness in person.

I know it’s not for everybody, but when I got into IT, I would’ve never imagined myself being asked to tour a chicken farm as part of my job. Amazing where a job can take you sometimes.

It’s June and it’s hot.

today is a Saturday. Emma went to the park, we played, I mowed the lawn. Oh, and it’s officially that time of year where it’s just hot all the time. And humid. This is spring in Pennsylvania. Summer for most others. 

Today was mostly uneventful otherwise. Oh, Emma pooped in the tub before bed tonight. So, happy Saturday.