Rocks State Park

We took a trip down to Maryland to visit Rocks State Park this last weekend, along with our friend Justine, and her dog Birdie, and our dog Moxie tagged along too. We first went to Kilgore falls. 

Kilgore falls is a pretty big waterfall that you can hike back to. It's main attraction is the cool water, and the swimming hole created by the waterfall. It was a nice place. We spent most of our time walking up and down the stream there, and watching our dogs hate us for making them go in the water. The water was pretty cold, and Moxie, being all of maybe 4 pounds, wasn't a big fan, She spent most of her time finding rocks to stand on, and shivering. Birdie was having her first experience in water. She seemed to give it mixed reviews. 

We next went down to the river, so Birdie could learn to swim. Well, she knew how to swim, most dogs do. She just needed some encouragement. While Justine was holding her, she seemed to detect the water, and started dog paddling in mid-air. It was more fun then watching her swim I think. Moxie did the high dive off one of the rocks on the shore. For her the high dive meant jumping into the water from about 6 inches up. It was a big jump for her. 

It was very nice, and quite relaxing. I would highly recommend it.

As always, I took some pictures (Flickr), and here are some that cover most of the experience:


Some dragonflies congregate on a blade of grass.

The view up the stream.

Moxie trying to act like she's enjoying the water.

Kerry and Justine. The falls were just to the left.

Birdie, mid air paddle while Justine laughs.

The falls.

Bowling Past

One of my favorite blogs, Uni-Watch posted some cool pictures of vintage bowling lanes from a book called Vanishing Alleys. I love pictures like these, from old abandoned, or near abandoned Americana, and I might have to try and track down a copy of this book.

Worth mentioning that Uni-Watch is a great daily read about all things Sports Uniform related. You'd be surprised how much goes on behind the scenes with sports uniforms. It's quite fascinating.

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