yard sale

Yard Sale, And Other Things

As a Red Lion resident of roughly 8 months, I have the joy of discovering new things about the town as they happen, or I hear about them. I suppose this would be the case anytime you move somewhere new.  

Most recently, we became aware of the fact that every year, on Father's Day weekend, all Red Lion residents are permitted to have a yard sale. So all over Red Lion there were tables, and tents, and yards full of stuff. People everywhere. I walked around and looked at countless tables of junk, hoping I'd be able to find something cool to take home, but alas, nothing struck my fancy. 

Well, there was an NES that worked and had controllers and games and was pretty cool. But it was a little pricey. I also was a little disappointed in the lack of awful posters that depicted majestic unicorns. You can't win 'em all people.  

Oh, I took some pictures too.... 

Superdad and Superson.

Her shirt says, "I like girls, who like girls." That guys face in the background, classic.

A child plays on a blanket in a sea of DVD's.

A lovely shot of a table of junk.

This photo has a real Newspapery vibe to it. So I kept it.